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Consistent Technical Documents Using Emacs and Org Mode [video] (youtube.com)
133 points by rwnspace on Nov 23, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

Video creator here. This may have had a shot at the front page if it were an essay instead of a video. HN just doesn't like videos as a general rule.

Thank you. The video is exemplary. Fascinating concept, very well constructed and thought-through. Please, make more!

I would be very keen to read an essay on the same subject too. I'd also like to write one, although I suspect my attempt might not be to the same standard.

You might like jupyter emacs + :session to speed up the execution of numerous org babel code blocks. https://github.com/dzop/emacs-jupyter ([async.] execution via websockets)

Thanks for the tip! I need to educate myself a bit on Jupyter kernels, and this looks like a great starting point. I love the huge amount of documentation this package has!

Would have had a shot if it were documented with emacs and org-mode.

This is fantastic. I usually loathe youtube videos and ADD out of them after a few seconds. I watched this to the end, stopping frequently and trying out new things in org-mode.

You taught me a lot, thank you very much. Do you have a favourite charity I can donate to?

I saw it in the front page, fwiw.

Indeed. It seems like there is some mechanism that gives posts a second chance at making the front page, because when I wrote that comment (around a day ago) it seemed clear it was going nowhere. It's interesting to note that the timestamps on all the comments are adjusted as part of that process.

Yes, this is the second-chance mechanism described at https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11662380 and links back from there. See also https://hn.algolia.com/?dateRange=all&page=0&prefix=false&qu...

And yes, we put the OP in that pool, so it got a placement on the front page. That only lasts for a few minutes, though; after that, if users don't upvote it, it will fall off. Users upvoted this one.

You're absolutely correct. The "mechanism", as I understand it, is that the mods just manually bump up threads they think are interesting and deserve a second shot at the front page. HN has quite a lot of manual curation!

I love your voice though.

I hate videos for technical documentation, but I watched this one to the end. It was actually a very good way to demonstrate the thought process of why this method is useful and how to use it. Of course it is a video explained how to avoid using videos for documentation. ;-)

I am an emacs user, but I am pretty sure there is a vim-base orgmode as well. I assume it can do most the same things.

"I am pretty sure there is a vim-base orgmode as well. I assume it can do most the same things."

vim has some org-inspred plugins, but last I looked they were very limited in functionality compared to org-mode.

Yeah, emacs with the evil (vi emulation) package would probably be the better way to go.

I have been using org mode for years and it is second nature now, and continually learn new things I love about it. This is a great video intro to the topic, kudos!

When collaborating with others though on pure documentation, I will say I am increasingly impressed with the usefulness of asciidoc/doctor. Have you used it at all or have any thoughts?

Absolutely worth watching. Great video @spudlyo - thank you for a great content.

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