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Positional Drum Notation [pdf] (stanford.edu)
46 points by gield 17 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Not exactly drum corps, but 2:28 well spent if you appreciate music. It's playing in the background and I just got chills, you'll know when if you listen.


That was incredible. Thanks!

Very cool. I wasn't expecting much, but wasn't disappointed.

I don't understand what I just watched.

That must be quite something in person.

Lots of times they do this in a circle and have a bunch of students sit in the middle. That's on my bucket list for sure.

Caveat: I have experience with standard drum notation, so any other notation is almost certainly going to feel uncanny for me.

Here's my two cents with the full transcription on the final page. The song progress bar is very unintuitive. The first half of the song is an utter mess of Verse-1s and Intro-1s. While it would be nice to be able to sum up two whole minutes of a song with 2 sequences, this provides none of the intuition that in my experience is easiest for beginners to pick up on: the cues you get from listening to the instruments and vocal melodies. I get that this document could be annotated, but an ideal notation system should be both simple to learn and explicit enough to not require the user mark up the document while listening.

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