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> If he is released from UK jail he can hop onto a ferry and go to mainland EU. There he could travel to anywhere within the Shengen zone.

That relies on his Australian passport being valid and not being cancelled by a US-friendly Australian government - the relevant Minister has the right to cancel a passport if the person is subejct to a foreign arrest warrant. [1] It would likely also rely on the EU member state being convinced that Assange was only visiting the EU for 90 days and had the intention to leave, thus qualifying for the Schenghen Visa Waiver for Australians. The border officers in France (or wherever the ferry lands) can reject him at the border before he has a chance to travel elsewhere if they aren’t convinced he is legit.

[1]: https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2012C00135

There are no border officers checking people in almost all of the border crossings. If you look white (=> probably not an illegal immigrant) being checked is extremly unlikely even with manned borders.

He might want to wear a shawl or similar, but I don't think there will be a problem unless he is deliberately tracked and intercepted.

It’s been awhile since I caught a ferry to or from the UK but the trains to and from the continent have passport controls both sides and everyone is checked. I suspect his name would raise an alarm bell when the passport is scanned, though I really don’t remember what happened on the ferry.

Ah, that may be. I was referring more to the Schengen zone itself. Sorry, it's late.

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