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>The guy helped Russia destabilize the globe, resulting in our current geopolitical situation

Who still thinks Russia is most responsible for destabilizing the globe? Did you miss some history classes or haven't your heard yet of the USA?

I agree with what you say and still support him. This has nothing to do with his personality and everything to do with the fact that a free press is more important than any one of the particular things you stated.

A lot of people liked Assange back when he had only yet published information about corrupt politicians in the Third World. Some people abandoned Assange when he published information about US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some people abandoned him when he published information about the back-room dealing of US diplomacy. Some people abandoned him when he published embarrassing information about a Democratic Presidential candidate.

As for destabilizing the globe: some would say the people Assange has exposed are the ones destabilizing the world.

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