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Britain's first private police force to go nationwide (standard.co.uk)
11 points by C0d3r 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

This looks good...

But as soon as someone is convicted based on just a witness statement from a privately employed person whose bonus depends on getting a conviction, things have gone too far.

And this isn't far away...

Is it only a matter of time until we privatise the police? I can't see anything at all going wrong with this...

At least it isn't the government's original idea of allowing G4S to do it. Because a company which couldn't even gather enough staff for the olympics, is completely suitable for policing -_-

This is a quite horrible idea. If people with enough money to pay for the service are happy with it, then they will lobby to reduce government expenditures for the regular police force, and so everyone in the bottom 3/4 of society will suffer.

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