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Ask HN: Remote workers, how could your email be more focused/helpful?
1 point by leshokunin 24 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
I'm working on making email better for people who want to work remotely / work from home.

I'm interested in what ways you'd like email made better for you. An example of the feedback I've gotten is - to have only the most relevant emails appear (conversations with other people, meeting invites) - to group emails by labels

I'm curious if you've got ideas of how to make your life easier. Thanks!

In my honest and genuine opinion, I don't really need more email tools, I just need more legitimate people who want to do business mostly through email.

For every 1 million jokers who aren't looking to do a deal that will result in me making a fair profit for my hours, there is one perfect client that I would kiss the ground they walk on.

If email can help me sift through the jokers to find the perfect client, then I would pay x monthly for the tool, where the deal size is 5,000x

That's great! How do you deal with identifying those currently? What would you rather like?

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