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Such a tool is not only useful for a junior. It is also useful for (incomplete list I assume)

* The consultant coming to a project for a short period of time

* The software architect, observing the code layout periodically (for example to identify where lower layers of the software depend on higher layers)

Yes. Also, unless you define seniority on a per-company level, derived from actual time spent in the company, then you'll have plenty of senior developers landing in the middle of a legacy codebase that's new to them.

(And then, there are projects you look at very briefly. Just a few days ago, I used Sourcetrail to explore a certain research CLI application. I mostly needed to know how it does a few particular things, and Sourcetrail was useful for finding my way around the exceedingly complex class graph quickly.)

There's no good tool out there for reading source code. Sourcetrail is a step forward that's useful for anyone.

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