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Ask HN: What causes 'Sorry, that story was previously submitted.'?
4 points by rahimnathwani 18 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
I sometime make HN submissions. If the URL has already been submitted by another user, I am taken to the existing submission page, and I think the submission might also get an automatic upvote from me.

Today, I tried to submit a story and got a message:

"Sorry, that story was previously submitted."

I couldn't find any previous submission via hn.algolia.com, and it seems a few other folks have asked about this in the past, without any answer:




I hadn't previously submitted the same URL or any URL from the same domain.

The URL returned after submitting the form included 'deaddupe', which offers a clue, but it would be great to know for sure what causes this.

To get an answer, it's more relievable to send an email to the mods hn@ycombinator.com

I think the explanation by kristianp is correct. Someone else summited the same link, it was killed, and killed stories are not visible in algolia.

Sounds like it's a duplicate of a dead submission. Dead because it was flagged.

Possibly submitted and subsequently deleted.

It was submitted and subsequently banned

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