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Note that in his write-up of how the hack was accomplished (someone pasted a link in another comment) the hacker specifically mentions his attack was on Cayman National Bank of the Isle of Man. From cursory research it appears to be based there, not in the Cayman Islands.

The isle of Man is an odd place, curiously not part of the UK, linked to a lot of financial shenanigans. e.g. A disproportionate number of private jets are imported into Europe via The Isle of Man for tax reasons. (Link: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/apr/05/isle-of-man-...)

For those interested in this subject, I can't recommend the documentary "The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire" [1] highly enough. The guy who behind it not only did an excellent job, but did it for a tiny fraction of what a bigger studio would have spent for a much more inferior end result.


* her -- she refers to herself as a girl multiple times in the writeup

edit: or possibly they/them -- I'm seeing conflicting info circulating around


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