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short of plants, i want to find a device i can put in my area that reduces the co2 in the air. (my space doesn't support plants, it's too cold).

There's a decent amount of research that indicates that indoor air quality doesn't significantly improve with indoor plants. https://time.com/5105027/indoor-plants-air-quality/

Most CO2 scrubbing systems either use plants (sometimes algae) or expend chemical ingredients (not very practical for long term daily use). Id recommend looking at systems designed for survivalist bunkers.

I did find this interesting project for using a thermosiphon to separate CO2 from air which looks pretty cool, but would likely require a good bit of sun to work well. I imagine it could work with an electric heating element instead of the sun, however.


You want heat recovery ventilation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_recovery_ventilation

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