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Gremlin Brings Chaos Engineering as a Service to Kubernetes (techcrunch.com)
141 points by tammybutow 23 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

Here's a link to give it a go: gremlin.com/k8s

You can run heaps of chaos engineering attacks

Related, open resources for chaos engineering:




From a business perspective, what's your moat (in a Warren Buffet sense)? If you get good initial traction, how do you prevent copycat products?

By innovating. They have clearly deeply thought about this space and probably have a todo list 1000 items long. By simply copying item 1, you will miss out on the rest until they have been released, etc.

Really excited to launch this today! You can totally give it a spin for free : ) Love to hear what you think!

Am I the only one who can't access techcrunch from europe?

Confusing name as Gremlin is a well known graph traversal language that has existed for years. It's not always easy finding documentation for Gremlin as search results are often polluted by unrelated stuff... this will make things harder still.

Could've called it Kremlin, that one is also trying to spread chaos and confusion...

This project has a more apt usage of the name.

naming isn't only based on how clever the name is; it's also based on primacy, because it creates confusion for the end user.

"Gremlin" is way too perfect for this type of application. The graph traversal API should not have wasted this name.

I came to the comments to post a similar thing. Was utterly confused how "graph db" and "chaos engineering" go together. Can't you add a distinguishing prefix, like Chaos Gremlin or something like that? I'll start using "Apache Gremlin" for the traversal lang, but that only works if your Gremlin gets a prefix, too.

"A gremlin is a folkloric mischievous creature that causes malfunctions in aircraft or other machinery."

Perhaps languanges should identify themselves with a suffix, like golang.

Hey there, all of Gremlin's docs can be found at gremlin.com/docs

Love chaos as a service. You should try it for free and teat your systems

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