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Also contains some info on how they hacked Hacking Team and Gamma Group.

Edit: Also a $100k bounty for future hacks on certain types of companies.

She also attacked the Barcelona police department, the Turkish government, and stole money from various Bitcoin wallets to donate to the Kurds iirc. Her write-ups are always really great reads and very enlightening.

Where can we find her blog or wherever she posts? I only see a link to a translated pastbin. Or was it in there? I was just skimming it a bit so far but can't really read it until tonight.

Please see the other child post

I think you got the wrong URL. Here you are: https://mobile.twitter.com/DDoSecrets/status/119621668503812...

Ah, darn it. Yeah, I did. Oops. Cheers.

Sorry where are you seeing that from that link?

Sorry, I posted the wrong link. :/ See sibling response to my post for the correct link: https://mobile.twitter.com/DDoSecrets/status/119621668503812...

Is there a collection of her write-ups somewhere?

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