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Its not difficult, firstly buy a monitor which tracks CO2, PM2.5, VOC:


Tracking CO2 is very useful for internal spaces.

And an Air purifier: https://www.amazon.com/Purifier-Display-Formaldehyde-Sterili...

Why is the first step to monitor it, not 'get a HEPA filter & fan / purifier'?

Monitoring seems like it's interesting to do if you want to, but if you already know it's an issue, just start addressing it?

Yeah, I'm confused by all the comments saying this too, especially since those detectors are yet another nontrivial expense.

If you know you're in a polluted environment, why would you need instrumentation before taking action? To me it's like getting blood work done before you err on the side of exercising.

If you're closing up your house to avoid outside air pollution, you will spike your CO2 levels.

You need to keep enough ventilation going to ensure you don't exceed 800ppm CO2.

You also need to monitor the PM2.5 levels to ensure your air purifier is working.

An air quality monitoring device is an essential piece of equipment for anyone.

> You also need to monitor the PM2.5 levels to ensure your air purifier is working.

But if you don't have an air purifier, and you're concerned about air quality, surely you want to get one before you start worrying about whether or not it's working?

Or both at the same time, sure, my only point is that if there's already concern I don't see the point in monitoring before or without mitigating.

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