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Not everyone understands what is unacceptable behavior?

I mean, if you go to a restaurant, a movie theatre, or a supermarket, do you know how NOT to be an asshole? It's not hard. Most people can manage it on a day-to-day basis.

I don't know where you're veering off to in your last sentence either. Weird.

It sounds like you've never worked in a restaurant, movie theatre, or supermarket, because I don't know a single person who has worked at one for an extended length of time who hasn't had to deal with people being an asshole and then arguing that they weren't being an asshole.

Of course most people can manage not to be an asshole on a day-to-day basis, but to deal with the small minority of bad apples who could ruin a whole barrel, it helps to spell out specific banned behavior in detail to quickly shut down arguments about whether a specific behavior is being an asshole or not.

The last sentence is pointing out that just because you've only ever seen someone be a nice person, doesn't mean they've never been an asshole when you weren't there.

Also, I didn't write that sentence. Everything after the first sentence is quoted from the link I provided.

I actually worked in one of the most expensive hotels in London. If people were assholes to the staff or broke any of the hotel rules (which were extremely lax WRT prostitution etc.), they would be marked in the system as a "5 star guest". Any time in the future they tried to book a room, the hotel would simply tell them they had no availability.

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