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Huge corporations and governments are kind of like hybrid silicon/meat AIs and that's exactly what they've done. I think this is the most likely outcome.

No, corporations and governments flatten and simplify everything until they can understand it. The next step, once we have powerful enough systems, is to embrace the chaos and use it.

E.g. older houses were hand-built, but nowadays houses are built with straight walls and standardised heights for everything so that mass-produced furniture can fit in them. But if in the future our furniture is made on-demand by AIs, then there's no reason to do it that way; you can have a non-standard height for your kitchen counter (for example) and if/when your dishwasher breaks, the AI system will fabricate you a new non-standard dishwasher to go under it.

I work for a large size corporation but one which is a quarter the size of many fortune 100s. I guarantee you almost no one knows how things work or are done beyond their immediate scope. Much of my life is spent just trying to glean an understanding of some adjacent function or trying to convince people above me that things they believe about how things work are not actually reflective of how they actually work.

A Rube Goldberg machine usually accomplishes one task. Corporations at scale don’t resemble them mostly because, as there are a multitude of concurrent tasks in flight, the Rube Goldberg machines are neither complex nor absurd enough.

Maybe that's how Musk's ventures are different - he knows how everything in his corporation works?

I think the primary difference is that for Musk, his companies are actual means to a non-monetary end (electrification of transport, Mars colonization). This creates a tremendous levels of focus. Most companies exist to make money for their owners, and any actual useful work done is only a side effect.

Everything? No way, that's not humanly possible. But he does know a lot and more importantly is a fantastic engineer and can understand any part he needs to.

The majority of companies are run by people who would have trouble understanding the details of what their company does.

You might like James C. Scott's Seeing Like a State, if you haven't already read it.

Hopefully with more advanced stone-cutting technology, I could have a house with Inca-style stone walls. No reason for bricks to be rectangular.

So, "Brazil", then.


That means we already have AGI, right? The corporation.

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