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Show HN: Deploy a fullstack website on AWS with one command (github.com)
20 points by tobilg 26 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

This repo uses the Serverless Framework. It is an excellent abstraction framework for constructing, orchestrating, and deploying "serverless" applications to AWS (and other clouds). Instead of building 1000s of lines of esoteric cloudformation yml, a few lines of higher level definition can deploy your app.

I've built quite a few lambda + API gateway based apps lately, a couple are open source. Want to replace your DDNS service for your home network? Use this app, which will cost you $0 a month (not including the cost of a domain name): https://github.com/jmb12686/serverless-ddns

Am I missing something or is this now using the term “full stack” to describe... a particular stack?

With „fullstack“ I meant a Frontend together with a Backend... All with one CloudFormation stack :-)

... but it’s clearly a very specific “stack”. It’s a weird way to describe it is what I’m saying.

Developers call themselves “full stack” because they work on frontend and backend (let’s not debate how valid it is in their case) - in this case I think you’d be better off just referencing the specific tech your tool will support provisioning for.

Full stack is essentially like if a classic “lamp” setup tool just said “sets up your server”, and never specified what it sets it up for.

Feel free to read the README.md of the repo, in my option it clearly described what gets deployed.

Interesting semantic discussion nevertheless.

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