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tl;dr Ben Cox bought a vga in => webcam out device that its parent company hadn't updated the linux drivers in a while. This details his journey of using tcpdump, et al, to analyze the sent packets. Eventually, he simulates the usb firmware and fpga download such that he can use the device. A quick, engaging read that was an appropriate level for this non C programmer.

Looking through his archive, I recognize his bgp battleship post from last year on HN.

This seems pretty formal/professional for an HN comment. Is there some reason you're writing summaries of HN posts with this degree of effort?

Also, thanks.

It's one of the contexts in which I'm willing to be the change I want to see.

It's disappointing to click on the comments for a post and no one (especially the submitter) has told me what I'll learn/experience. And yet, there it was, four hours old, ten points up and no comments. So I give it a skim and it's really good. Now I want others to read it. Spending five or so minutes polishing three sentences is basically free for me and positive sum (unless I do a bad job).

Cynically, tl;dr submission summaries are how I've chosen to feed the beast until it grants me downvoting power.

> This seems pretty formal/professional for an HN comment.

That's pretty much n-gate summary format :-)

This TL;DR made me actually read the post, so thanks for the summary.


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