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I make a folder called "notes" on any given machine and make a new text document inside of it when I have a note I want to make. I know this isn't clever and "it doesn't scale!!!" but I have multiple computers and it's easy to merge the notes into a single backup, and I always know where to go for the notes I take.

If I need to share a note, I use a github gist but it's also just a linear text storage so I'll prolly replace it with something else at some point...

Even if you don't mind the scalability issues, having to deal with possible conflicts if the same note was modified in different places, and barebone UI with no attachments, consider the importance of metadata:

- info on where the note came from (that's why I like web-clip-ability)

- note history and possibly versions

- tags are really great for categorizing and quick/efficient search, etc.

Simplenote would work pretty well in this case. Barebones third party clients for it on all major desktops OSes are available that allow usage of file system.

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