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I really tried to use Quiver for almost a year. I converted to it from Org-mode in Emacs. The reason for converting was to get better typography and layout. I really want to get header rendered in different sizes, bold really looking bold etc. Quiver looked really nice ans pleasing. But the rendering engine in Quiver is flaky. Headings of the same type end up having different sizes for example. I also never felt a benefit of the cell concept. Instead often accidentally creating new cells that had to be fixed.

I've now moved to Bear, and the experience is much better. Yes, it stores notes in a DB, not as files. But it is a standard, open SQL DB you can talk to if needed. Bear renders markdown nicely, has nice themes. And syncs between devices quick. I now read and write journal notes etc on desktop, iPad and mobile. And Bear supports inline images. This, together with nice rendering of quotes, code etc makes making complex notes possible. If I only could change the caret to a non-blinking, block everything would be great. Notes in Bear really are beutiful and pleasant to write and read.


I have nothing but good things to say about Quiver except on the rare occasion and even then I would describe it as performing ok in that regard. It just gets it done and it’s full of features but not too fancy.

Probably the only thing that’s so-so is search but worst case I have to check a couple of notes to find the right one.

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