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Off topic, but anyone else annoyed by these walls of contributor avatars in READMEs popular in the JS ecosystem? Occasionally they only include a handful of project members, with roles, so it could be mildly useful, but more often than not it’s a pointless list of just avatar and handle of everyone who ever fixed a typo, and if I want to see the list I’d better click on “contributors” which is built into every GitHub project. To me, this seems to be a manifestation of today’s front end devs’ utmost disrespect for people’s bandwidth.

Ironically, this README loads more than a hundred images but I can’t even find a desktop screenshot.

The avatar list I guess is a way to thank the contributors, and it's at the bottom of the readme so shouldn't be a big annoyance for most readers. There's a screenshot of the desktop app at the top of the readme.

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