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I was a Standard Notes user, including a premium plan, but recently switched to Joplin and I've been very happy with it.

I like Standard Notes' no-nonsense business model, with the downside that the free version is heavily feature-crippled (not even a Markdown editor, just plain text).

The Standard Notes server is self-hostable, but it requires a dedicated backend server [0] which was more hassle than I wanted to deal with. Joplin integrates much more nicely with Syncthing for self-hosted but still peer-to-peer replication.

0: https://standardnotes.org/help/47/can-i-self-host-standard-n...

The reason to use Standard Notes, IMO, is the zero-knowledge encryption. I’ll check out Joplin and the others I’m learning about in this thread but I’m happy with Standard Notes at the moment though.

Just did the same thing. Greatest benefit of standard notes is also that the notes are just plain text.

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