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I'm looking for an Evernote alternative since long. Evernote is one of my favourite applications, but I fear the moment when Amazon or Google or Microsoft buys it like Fitbit or Nest. It is going to happen, and I put more and more info into that app.

I'm definitely going to try this and I truly hope it is good enough for me.

Notion.so is a good one

I found that Notion had great features, but I found it to just be terribly slow in general. The app takes upwards of 25 seconds to open on my phone, and even on my computer where the app opens quickly, I still can't flick back and forth between different notes without the app trying to re-sync with the server and slowing everything down.

I'm not sure the best response to "I'm worried the cloud service I use might get bought and changed" is recommending another VC funded cloud service. But I've heard good things about Notion as a product too.

They have export features so in theory you’re not tied down.

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