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Exactly this. Oracle is nothing but a common patent troll here. They bought SUN for one and only one purpose..... to sue Google. I know someone involved in the preliminary investigations into this. It is not a secret at all. It would be awesome if Google would take the Cloudflare approach and try to crowdsource prior art for all of Oracle's patents. (Best case, 1M software patents go away on all sides)

Hopefully as things continue to the cloud with private options and their loss of the JEDI contract puts them right out of business.

Google had the option to buy SUN, too.

Why would they buy it if they weren't interested in the prospect of suing other people with it? In hindsight it would be a great defensive buy,but there's no way they could foresee this shit storm caused by this absurd lawsuit.

For the rights to the proprietary language around which they built their flagship mobile platform.

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