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> I’ve set a goal to be processing $10M/month in Stripe volume by Spring, which is a pretty big stretch goal.

As the app is already highly profitable, why suddenly such an ambitious goal?

Great question. It’s not about the money, but more about how I was passive for too long just letting it be. I’ve waited to invest in several things for growth until I knew had the market cornered. I’m not too concerned about adding more features now, so the only next logical step is growth.

Growing from $6M to $10M didn’t seem huge at the time, but now it does...

Still, what's your motivation for wanting to grow more? Money can be a legitimate motivation, but you said that's not it. I guess I'm curious what drives you now.

Larger user base will hopefully protect me from being cut off.

One could argue also the contrary, a larger user base might make you more of a target for Stripe to cut-off. Who knows.

That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. Stripe gets 2.9% regardless of how many users I have. It’s just volume to them.

I believe they mean that by, increasing your user base and revenue even more, you'll convince Stripe that having their own feature/app developed is absolutely necessary. And they might be concerned that you represent a one-person company, single point of failure. They can't just rely on you to be there for them forever.

But I really hope they don't :) Great story. Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration.

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