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I feel like that’s being super rude to the devs at Oracle that have been constantly innovating and improving the language. Java has changed a lot in the last 9 years.

Oracle’s upcoming design of continuations I think is genuinely novel and will inspire a lot of other languages’ implementations.

Sorry if it wasn't phrased well, but that's what I was meaning by it being a serious question: does this lawsuit cover code written by Oracle engineers? It's my understanding the lawsuit was based on code developed by Sun, given they announced the lawsuit almost immediately after acquiring them in 2010, so it seems disingenuous to claim this is about their innovations, rather than Sun's. It feels equally rude to those Sun engineers to act as if Java in 2010 was their innovation. Buying something makes it your property, but not your creation. Whatever Oracle contributed after the acquisition, certainly would count as their innovations, but that was not the original basis for this lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed less than a month after the purchase went through. Oracle's engineers hadn't touched Java before their lawyers started attacking Google.

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