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Rooting for fair use? Yes. Rooting for a big company spending big money to pay for the precedent? Sure.

Rooting for Google itself, who is simply pursuing the most effective solution for their own business (and brand)? That’s something entirely different.

I don't love everything about Google, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If Oracle wins, that precedent will hurt everyone in the software industry, including me.

So yeah, I'm rooting for Google and I have no hesitation or shame rooting for Google -- because for better or worse, Google is the company fighting for my rights in this case, and I want to win.

If APIs aren't copyrightable, then that solution is open to you as well.

Turns out, inventing a whole language every time you need to write a new library is an enormous pain in the ass.

Not surprisingly but this comment / position gets downvoted and yet plenty of approval for "Also, Oracle just sucks in general. Larry Ellison is a notorious jerk and philanderer...."

(I'm all for crapping on Oracle, I guess the lesson is to weave that into any post on this topic).

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