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I don't think this is exactly what you're asking but a good starting point:


With 2 vs 3 code is easiest to write your code for python 3 and then in 2 import everything you have in __future__ package including unicode literals. That's still not enough and you still might need to do extra work. In python 3 there's argument encoding, which could do the encoding which doesn't look like it is available in python 2. So you probably shouldn't be use it and treat all input/output as bytes (i.e. call encode() when sending data to stdin, and decode() on what you get back from stdout and stderr).

Perhaps that might be enough for your case, although many things is hard to get right in python 2 even when you know what you should do, because of the implicit conversion.

Edit: this also might be useful: https://unicodebook.readthedocs.io/good_practices.html

Also this could help: https://unicodebook.readthedocs.io/programming_languages.htm...

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