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Can you go into more detail? I don’t see how that would work. In this algorithm, you need the eigenvalues of all of the minors. So if I’m adding rows/columns to the matrix, yes I have one of the minors from my last solution, but I have to compute N more. And I also need the eigenvalues of the new full matrix.

I think this result has some intriguing opportunities, and have been toying with them since yesterday’s post, but I don’t see something so straightforward.

I obviously haven't worked it out myself, but I think you can memoize the results from the smaller minors to accelerate the computation of the big one. So you would need to decide for yourself the speed/memory tradeoff.

I think what the parent comment meant is it can be recursive. If you update one row, a lot of these recursively small minors of minors won't change, and you probably can do the computation quicker.

I haven't fully worked out the math yet as well.

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