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you can build your own fusion reaction in the comfort of your home. Apparently fusor devices [1] are hobbist level difficulty. They are nowhere near break even, but they do generate a lot of radiation which can still be contained safely on a benchtop apparently.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fusor

At the hobbyist level they are making detectable amounts of radiation, but only something like 1 trillionth of a watt worth of fast neutrons per second.

Right, I completely missed the point that you were concerned about the amount of radiation at break even.

I wonder whether you could detect the increased efficiency well before reaching break even (that wouldn't prove that you can reach break even of course)?

Starting with HH vs DD fusion gives you validation with orders of magnitude less radiation, lower pressures would be similarly useful. But, IMO partnering with someone in the nuclear industry is probably the best bet.

Really, if your not asking for money just a location that's a fairly easy sell. If it doesn't work at all that's no real cost to them. If it almost works that's a cheap neutron source that's easy to turn on and off which is valuable. And if it actually works that's one of those world changing things people are willing to support.

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