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Don't bring your dental fillings either.

You are probably joking, but just in case not: dental fillings are not magnetic. They are amalgams of mercury and silver.

Try dropping a neodymium magnet down a length of copper pipe sometime. I would think that sensation would be quite disturbing from something hugging a tooth.

And the dental posts that hold crowns? Or the metal pins that screw implants into jaws?

>> Projectile Accidents: This is the scariest type of interaction, in which the MRI’s magnetic field literally pulls a restoration out of the mouth. The projectile restoration can injure the person with the restoration or, possibly, others nearby.

>> Damaged or Dislodged Restorations: Magnetic fields may not interact strongly enough to actually remove a restoration. But they may still be strong enough to move, break, or deform restorations.


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