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Something has to hold the magnets and physical supports will cool the plasma. Also there is a non trivial amount of magnetic force to contend with.

So don’t bring your credit cards in to work!

Don't bring your dental fillings either.

You are probably joking, but just in case not: dental fillings are not magnetic. They are amalgams of mercury and silver.

Try dropping a neodymium magnet down a length of copper pipe sometime. I would think that sensation would be quite disturbing from something hugging a tooth.

And the dental posts that hold crowns? Or the metal pins that screw implants into jaws?

>> Projectile Accidents: This is the scariest type of interaction, in which the MRI’s magnetic field literally pulls a restoration out of the mouth. The projectile restoration can injure the person with the restoration or, possibly, others nearby.

>> Damaged or Dislodged Restorations: Magnetic fields may not interact strongly enough to actually remove a restoration. But they may still be strong enough to move, break, or deform restorations.


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