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People are more motivated to go through extra steps for porn than they are for coffee.

No they aren't, because porn is available for free in abundance everywhere. I can't download a coffee from a torrent site or stream it from a tube site.

The fact that people pay for porn at all is a small marvel.

I might be willing to accept that people would more motivated to jump through some hoops to get porn than they would for coffee if porn weren't available without that hoop jumping.

All this sort of thing will do is make it harder for independent content producers to profit

Your argument would work if porn were interchangeable. It's not. People don't pay for porn, they pay for specific porn.

I'm willing to accept that but I think it would still lower the amount of income significantly. Sure people would still pay for custom porn or specific clips that are hard to find (though even then I'd suspect quite a bit less than they do now), but they probably wouldn't join any subscription based sites for example.

As I understand it, this is less about subscription based sites and specifically about cam models on pornhub. While I agree that this extra step would be a barrier to a casual consumer, I agree with the parent that people who pay for porn will pay for specific porn. if a person is already paying a specific model (or models) on pornhub, they've found what they want and a fair amount will continue to pay for it even if it takes additional steps.

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