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I think PayPal might've publicly said that this is solely because porn poses a greater risks and SFW businesses just due to the amount of actually fraudulent payments and account hacking performed to pay for porn. Also, there's the less obvious issue with charge backs and people lying about getting hacked and having to deal with all that.

My experience in both digital payments and the adult space is that this line of reasoning (high risk + fraud) is outdated. The myth that adult payments are higher risk is perpetuated by those certain PSPs (CCBill, et al) that process adult payments for 15-20%, require 4% reserves, and have very high setup fees.

I would love to see an adult version of Stripe to help innovate payments in the adult industry. Paging @pc???

I’d be curious to see that backed up. Having worked in the industry at one time, all I can say is there is a good reason merchant accounts are super expensive for porn sites. All the players in the game are pretty sketch.

Another reason bitcoin could fill this niche

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