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> this is one case where I think it’s warranted

How will you deal with fraudulent / sketchy site operators scamming people into sending them money via irreversible payment channels?

How do you avoid any fraud? Reputation. Don't send money to sketchy people.

It should be noted that Europe runs on SEPA payment system that has irreversible transactions. It's not that much of a problem.

Reputation scores only help established players. And they can be gamed. Get a bad reputation? Just dump the and spin up a new one.

Fairly simple

1. Don't pay more in one go, than you can accept losing with a shrug.

2. Check the reputation.

You’re on a porn site. You expect a certain amount of sketchiness. Right now, the customers are the sketchy ones. They pay for a product and or statistically more likely to do chargebacks.

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