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I did a similar trip to his in April 2007. While you visit, you have to put aside your issues with the regime, that's not why you're there. You're there to experience something which seems so implausible yet exists, or rather, before it doesn't. We got to meet some really nice people and what we saw was remarkable. If they could make the rest of their country like the capital and the other places I was shown, then it would be a really nice country in the political sense. The culture that is there seems to me to be fragile yet precious. I shudder to think what will happen to it if reunification happens in anything but a gradual way.

My trip is documented here in the radio show Off The Wall: (link to mp3) http://www.2600.com/offthewall/mp3files/2007/off_the_wall__2... and http://www.2600.com/offthewall/mp3files/2007/off_the_wall__2...

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