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Along a similar vein, Sophie Alpert did a talk[1] at React Conf this year on building your own React custom renderer by using implementing the interfaces that React exposes. Sophie explains how you could use React as a declarative API for pretty much any platform if you wanted, similar to how react-native works.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGpMlWVcHok

Which is actually a little funny, because that's essentially turning React into a domain specific language for UI rendering. The Racket people are probably facepalming that we had to go via JavaScript and Babel to get to a UI DSL.

If Racket had a declarative UI DSL, I'd be using that, but they don't.

It is exactly that, a small library for ui, written in ocaml, ported to a scripting language with immense amount of work, and years and years of educating people with white lies :)

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