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Ada, RPG on OS/400 and Transact SQL? Really?

Anyone risks a hypothesis on why this happened in 2010?

Lot defense work, people not replacing OS/400 machines and still needing new features, and MS sold a lot of databases this year[1].

[1] If you go through your corporate approval process to replace mysql because your mad at Oracle, don't be surprised if SQL Server walks in the door.

Why would I want to replace MySQL. It's GPL. Larry may scream all he wants and business will continue as usual. The worst that can happen is to use a forked version.

Drizzle is very interesting, BTW.

Welcome to the wonderful world of corporate America, a good Microsoft salesman, and listening to the tech press. :)

It never ceases to amaze me how resilient corporations are, given so many decisions are delegated to the people least qualified to make them.

The only reason I read mainstream tech publications is to know which silly ideas I will have to demolish in the near future because some clueless PHB decided it would be the next great thing.

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