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TL;DR: this is the manifesto of a self-selected maintainer of a largely incompatible fork who has growing delusions of usefulness.

This is a splitter's manifesto of what he's going to do right where he blames everyone else for shortcomings he's done little to nothing to help overcome. He's too egotistical and toxic to get any work merged into the mainline project, so he has decided to lead from outside the established community and separate from the established foundation. He's a technically quite competent developer who can't work well with others. He speaks for himself and claims broad support and calls his ramblings a master plan, implying that he's a master planner for the whole community.

Most of his plans don't even involve Perl mainline or Raku. He's pushing his own RPerl and Reini Urban's CPerl both of which depart from the Perl code base. He does this while calling others stupid and difficult and repeatedly violating the CoC of The Perl Foundation online and at several major events (including repeated harassment over gender, gender identity, sexuality, physical disabilities, and his perceptions of other people's moral obligations and shortcomings under his religion).

During the recent Perl6 to Raku rename, when the plan was to create a new Facebook group for Raku and direct visitors to the Raku group from the Perl 6 group, he unilaterally renamed the Perl 6 group to reflect the name change. So we had two Raku groups and no group for people to find it by the old name and be redirected. All the old posts to the Perl 6 group were now in the newly renamed Raku group. Since a group can only by renamed every so often, the fresh Raku group was renamed by the founder of the group to be "Perl 6" for discoverability and aimed at the old, original group now named "Raku" but with posts predating the name change talking about Perl 6. Rather than apologizing when the difficulty he caused was pointed out, he claimed nobody would look under the old name during the transition period and he was doing everyone a favor with his rash actions since the founder of both groups hadn't rushed headlong into the same decision.

He also has a history of using images and other assets without permission or even attribution. He claims t if something isn't watermarked with a copyright he's in the clear, which is obviously false on its face in any Berne Convention country.

Then he wonders why he gets disinvited and nobody wants to work with him on merging his work upstream. So since everyone else isn't playing by his rules, he has apparently decided to once again apply his own rules to everyone else and claim to speak for The Perl Foundation and the larger Perl community despite no mandate at all to do so.

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