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> I'm skeptical of the idea of static archives, especially when it comes to code.

I don't think anyone is going to be hoping to use this code for their own purposes, but rather to study programmer culture and development. For instance, when did the idea of "immutable by default" start, and how did it spread from esoteric academic languages into mainstream languages like Rust? How did the decades-long specter of Perl 6 affect the course of Perl 5, and how did the rename to Raku lead to its resurgence (or lack thereof)?

I'm no expert in history, but I have read a reasonable amount; and what's often fascinating is when there are two groups who think that they are in complete disagreement, but in fact share a common assumption which you, from the perspective hundreds of years in the future, do not share.

There are things that are so obvious to us now that we don't bother writing them down or explaining them, which will be a complete mystery to people 1000 years hence; and it's basically impossible to imagine what those might be.

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