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Black Facebook staff describe workplace racism in anonymous letter (theguardian.com)
31 points by hellllllllooo 31 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

There doesn't seem to be much value add from this guardian article. In fact, it kind of clouds the issue by rewording some of the complaints.

The actual letter. https://medium.com/@blindfb2020/facebook-empowers-racism-aga...

Maybe it was just me, but I had to read the actual letter to figure out what the issue was with the clean up request.

According to the letter, 2 white employees assumed the black/Latino employee was kitchen staff and asked the coworker to clean up their mess. When the black/Latino employee complained, the manager said they should dress more professionally. (like a t-shirt and a hoodie, maybe?)

Sharing a story to a more widely read platform than medium is the value add. But yeah the original article is the source so probably better to start there.

I'm not surprised

Seems like FB is turning to a right-wing org, since they won't take down ads with lies against Dem candidates, and still have Peter Thiel on their board. Wow, trying to find citations, it's much worse: https://mashable.com/article/facebook-right-wing-social-netw...

And I wonder how many progressives still want to work for them, they could end up with a self-selection problem of only right wingers working for them...

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