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Are you really that sure that the approaches to increasing the generality of AI being taken by LeCun (self-supervised model learning), Hinton (capsule networks) and Bengio (state representation learning) are all "total bullshit"?

From my reading, Hinton capsule networks seems far from being enough, it could at best be an incremental improvement. And is unrelated to English semantic parsing, it seems specialized for computer vision.

English semantic parsing is small part of AGI. And a system that can only do that or only for one language is never going to be general.

You know who just might be full of total bs is Ben Goertzel.

From what I've actually seen that is completely inaccurate and unfair. The only thing that he did to "deserve that" that I know of is to start seriously pursuing and talking about AGI before it was cool again.

For example, OpenCog is an implementation of the classic cognitive architecture and its about as traditional and far from "total bs" as you can get in AGI.

I have never heard anything to back up the insults against Goertzel.

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