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will there be a computer in there that can survive 10,000 years so that you can compile the code?

I'm the PM at GitHub for the Archive Program. We aren't making the assumption that you will have computer. The archive will include a Tech Tree that explains in plain language the fundamentals of computer programming and how to use the material in the Arctic Code Vault. We will also include technical guides to QR decoding, file formats, character encodings, and other critical metadata so that the raw data can be converted back into source code for use by others in the future.

Will you publish these guides? Would make a good read.

That’s the plan!

Seconded, this is probably pretty cool.

However, what's to say the archive will even be accessible in 10,000 years time? The entire archive may not be readable/usable due to fundemental changes in technology/language/society etc.

Just want to say that this is a fantastic effort. I wish you every success!

Any chance we can take a look at that Tech Tree? Sounds interesting.

Are you making the assumption that the survivors will speak English?

Nope, included is a guide to learn english via Rosetta Stone.

Hopefully you don’t mean running the Rosetta Stone software on Silverlight! OMG

What do you mean?

Probably a copy of how to learn english in many languages, so if any languages that are similar to any of the provided ones survive the data can be recovered.

I hope the Piql polyester film material is good at binding flint knapped stones to spear shafts. Could be an agile pivot for descendants in a thousand years.

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