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1.) Download (IceCat) or roll your own (FF+addons) security-focused browser

+ Very secure if done properly

+ Fully controllable/customizable

- Takes a considerable amount of time and energy to create & keep updated

- Unique combinations of addons exacerbate fingerprinting concerns

2.) Encourage anyone who cares about privacy to use Tor, with the aim of normalizing (de-terrorist-izing?) Tor traffic (think HTTP->HTTPS transition, HTTPS traffic was suspicious 15 years ago)

+ Most maintainable/viable long term solution

+ Standard configuration cripples some fingerprinting

+ Easy for anyone to set up and keep updated

- Concern regarding US intelligence controlling a large number of exit nodes and/or currently have the capability to de-anonymization Tor users

- Hard to get people to switch browsers

- Very hard to get people to switch to a slower browser

- Will take a while

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