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I was excited about this concept a few years ago and talked it over with the Tor developers. Their concern is that the Tor Browser has an elaborate ongoing effort to prevent tracking by removing unique identifiers and isolating session state. A regular browser used through Tor would be extremely trackable because it wouldn't hide or isolate any of these things, and indeed you could associate Tor activity with non-Tor activity easily.

Other software doesn't normally take these precautions, and so you would often end up leaking a ton of identifying information when applications that didn't expect it were proxied by Tor.

So it would be pretty much similar to all these dime a dozen VPN companies shilling "Ultimate anonymity! Safe from hackers! Screw the fed!" but it's just in a physical form.


That still protects you from tracking on the local network and makes IP-based geolocation ineffective, which is not nothing.

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