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> You set a budget (e.g. 10 BAT/month), and Brave distributes it the sites you use most, e.g. if you watch a particular YouTube channel 30% of your browsing time, it will send 30% of 10 BAT each month to that content creator.

If you would own a video streaming service (a startup!) and some company started to pay your users for viewing ads on your platform in some MagicMoneyCoins putting your pocket outside the cash flow, what would you do?

If you would want to receive organic traffic from your ads and instead start to experience crazy stream of incentivized ad clickers with near zero conversion rate, what would you do?

Imo the answers to these questions are not that pleasant for Brave. Maybe I'm wrong of course, like the most of times.

Yeah, having seen all the useless previous attempts at paying users to watch/click ads, I'm not particularly hopeful for the long-term prospects of that system.

Seems like it might be better to just force the user to disburse those funds to the sites they visit.

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