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It doesn't have to be about creating audio of specific text with <specific person>'s voice; it can be much more about creating audio of specific text with a wide variety of believable people's voices.

I could see this, if it becomes commercially viable, potentially being a huge boon to indie game creation, for instance, since hiring a load of voice actors to record the dialogue for an entire game is vastly more expensive than, say, hiring a bunch of different people to record their voices for 5 seconds—or even, if this ever took off, buying a bunch of samples pre-recorded (or networks pre-trained) for the purpose.

This 100%. It's not about impersonating someone, it's about providing natural sounding text-to-speech for games, film, robots etc.

We're currently working on using voice AI to create real products over at https://replicastudios.com

Again this is a good use scenario which seems to bring less benefit than the damage a bad use case scenario.

Cheaper games vs distressing phone calls in this case.

I'm open to better use cases but for now I haven't heard any.

I mean...it's not like we're getting a choice here. The technology is possible, therefore it will happen (and is now starting to happen).

Like so much else in life, we have to take the bad with the good, but not looking for good in it doesn't mean we're less likely to get the bad.

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