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> They have a good relationship with Perl 6 devs/maintainers

This is outright untrue, the raku devs can't stand them any more than the rest of the perl community can.

> AFAIK they are working with them to get Perl 6 to use the name Raku

Will and Reini have contributed absolutely nothing to this effort except to periodically distract the people doing the actual work while we go clean up after their bullshit and drama.

> I welcome some kind of resolution where Perl 5 is just Perl and what is now Perl 6 becomes a new, different language

The raku change is indeed an excellent thing. However this giant pile of idiocy is trying to capitalise on that change to push their hostile fork of perl, and that's, uh, let's say "not such an excellent thing."

Hey thanks for correcting me. I was unaware of a lot of what's going on behind the scenes. As mentioned I was a heavy user of Perl 5 for a long time and I'll still find any excuse to use it given a problem I think it will be good at solving.

I'll have to read up on all of this before I say more but I do appreciate you giving me something to follow up on and learn about before I open my big mouth again!

's all cool, dude, countering their spin while minimally signal boosting it is why I'm commenting in this thread.

Have a skim through chromatic's Modern Perl when you're bored and see if it gives you ideas :)

I actually have read parts of it. My work stopped subscribing to O'Reilly's Safari Online Library so I lost access to it, kind of forgot about it but thanks for the reminder, I might just grab a copy today.

And thanks for the kind reply, there's nothing I hate more than speaking incorrectly or out of turn on HN!

Buy here or read online for free. This is the official website of the book: http://modernperlbooks.com/ (hint - it's worth buying :)

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