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In all honesty, I'm not sure how I feel about this model? I'm one of those people who has been out saying that the web needs a new business model. Well, here one is, and yet I find myself a bit hesitant to embrace it? It's probably just a matter of needing more information to fill in the blanks and explain the contradictions.

That said, my mind tends to automatically start strategizing the long game, and I'm uncertain how valuable people who have to be paid to look at ads are to advertisers? I mean, Certainly some advertisers would still be interested. But enough to displace the current model? I'm just not sure.

> my mind tends to automatically start strategizing the long game

Ditto. The long game seems to be to become an alternative Google of sorts. In the sense that Brave becomes the ad delivery middle man to every web user like Google and FB currently is.

With regards to the current business model, I don't think it's broken at all. What is broken is the expectation that because users find most internet content so worthless that they wouldn't ever consider paying for it that some alternative revenue modal surely exists to keep the current system afloat. It's a flawed assumption. These new ad modals are just lipstick on a pig. The underlining product is already not valued enough to charge for (like crappy news articles and hastily written blog posts). No new monetisation modal will fix it.

Another perspective is that people don't want to pay for content, because we've been brainwashed to get content for free.

For example in the press high quality investigative journalism is dying because people would rather get stuff for free and it's much cheaper to pick up stories from somewhere else and give it a sensationalist title.

It's why online newspapers are struggling because people would rather read shitty blogs written by quacks promoting alt-truths, for free, than pay $2 per month.

> the web needs a new business model

Business model for whom? For Brave? Or for the website owner?

If the website owner isn't involved in this choice, then this is racketeering. And racketeering is an old business model.

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