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A staple of science fiction comes to life.

Everyone's really pitching in doing their part to get the T-800 ready within 10 years.

And conversely, Star Trek's frequent use of voiceprint authentication looks sillier by the day.

It's even sillier when robots in almost all sci-fi movies have 'robotic voice' and human level intelligence. It's actually much easier to have human voice and 'robot intelligence'. They got it backwards. At least the computer voice in Star-trek and Data's voice were human.

Fun fact: Several financial institutions (Vanguard, Schwab) allow your voiceprint to be an authentication mechanism.

There was a story a few months back about some British subdivision VP wired a million dollars to eastern europe because the CEO called him up and told him to do it or something like that.

It was the CEO's voice, but it wasn't the CEO.

Code 1,1A Code 1,1A,2B Code 1B,2B,3 Zero-Zero-Zero Destruct Zero

What that is secure.......

Now imagine the Borg with their advanced computers not being able to cause all Federation star ships to self destruct (BSG style).

It rarely even worked in Star Trek.

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