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Will this change effect sites like filestube.com and freshwap.net? FilesTube ranks for majority of the long tail keywords, even those not related to downloads/torrents/rapidshare.

I see filestube's auto-generated search listing pages ranking on Google all the time. Pages like: http://www.filestube.com/m/matt+cutts http://www.filestube.com/g/google+scraper

Same goes for freshwap: http://www.freshwap.net/387/dl/Google+Matt+Cutts

These sites will give out an auto-generated page for every keyword you enter into it. Apparently, Google loves to index them... there are 126 million pages of files tube indexed in Google. I thought indexing search listing pages of other search engine was against Google's policies.

There's some really annoying torrent sites like this. I mean, sites that pretend they have search results for whatever torrent you're searching for. Those show up on a google a lot and they're useless.

This is another class of problems we're working on. Expect some changes here in the next few months.

Your account page doesn't say anything. I assume you work for Google?

Yep, in fact I wrote the change we're talking about in this thread. :)

Hah. Good to know. I guess I'm your 'enemy' then since if there was a label for me it'd probably be blackhatter. Though my 'spam' tends to be of much greater quality than what most of the stuff BHW sort of people produce (I have some original content written and excluding my bottom of the barrel sites, the others have their automated parts like scraping edited/checked by a hired person).

Though my 'spam' tends to be of much greater quality than what most of the stuff BHW sort of people produce

You threw a vitamin pill into a bucket of mud?

die die die.

It is acceptable to rank these websites for keywords related to torrents and downloads. But, those auto-generated pages has been ranking even for keywords not related to torrents/downloads.

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